Mission Statement:

We are a missional community of Bible believers who are here to serve and love the city of Rochester as ambassadors of Jesus.

  • The Bible

    We believe the Bible is the compass that directs our lives. The Bible itself, is the inspired and infallible Word of God that speaks with final authority concerning truth, morality, and the proper conduct of mankind. The Bible has God for its ultimate author, salvation for its end, and truth for its matters. 

  • Missional Communities

    We believe the journey of life is meant to be taken with others we do this through our Missional Communities. Missional Communities are the everyday expression of being the church for one another and for those God is sending us to. They are Centered around the Gospel, accountable to each other, and intentional in reaching our friends and neighbors.  To that end we turn our couches, tables and our lives into places of grace, community, and mission.

  • Serving and Loving the City

    We have been planted in Rochester and we are here to serve, love, pray and seek the welfare of our city. We have been called to leverage our influence and resources to help those who lack the power or platform to help themselves. We are a people marked by the love of Christ sharing the love of Christ. 

  • Showing and sharing the love of christ

    We have been adopted into God’s family, and now we co-labor with Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit to see others experience God’s love and forgiveness. We believe the Salvation of humanity is completely the work of God’s free grace; it is not in any way the result of human works or goodness. Each person can receive salvation by repentance and faith. God’s Word assures individuals that He will continue His saving work in them forever.